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I really liked the start for the ManHunters, very unusual, but I think for most players it is too inconvenient. I propose: either to reduce the cost of a whip to 3ap, since fighters with most two-handed weapons cannot effectively whip debtors, or to increase the duration of the whip effect to 3 rounds.
I would also like the mood to fall a little more slowly with a lack of debtors in the team, or so that it would sometimes be possible to meet debtors not only in southern cities, at least for ManHunters. Currently, when you are far from the southern cities and you lose a debtor and there are not enough of them, you have to frantically look for a new one, and there may not be any people nearby, continuous undead and greenskins.
It would also be nice if the mood starts to fall on the world map if the debtors are less than half and not less than 51% of the team.

I would also like to see unique southern slings, because even unique guns have already been introduced!

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