Reply To: “Agressive mode” after leaving the town

Avatar photoDomitian

I’d like to jump on this one and also state that it has effected me as well and is game-ending. I had just left the Arena after a fight and went to re-enter the city right when a patrol was leaving and “attacked” them (without holding control). I can’t salvage my save as this both makes the Arena off-limits and if i unpause the patrol attacks.

This is caused by a few problematic items:
1) “Hostile” aka CTRL mode somehow gets auto-toggled to on (not sure if this is related to previously attacking caravans as a Northern Raider start or from having the “Attack Caravans” ambition
2) Patrols spawn in the city meaning a mis-click counts as attacking them
3) After you’ve clicked them the reputation hit applies EVEN IF you choose the “Fall back” option and dont engage in combat. This needs to be fixed as well. I didn’t attack them, there should be no reputation hit until after the battle screen
4) Auto save applies after exiting that “Fall back” option meaning you cannot even use a previous Auto save to recover (this also needs to be fixed and should auto-save before the action).

Is there any way to hex-edit the save file to recover my reputation? I dont want to start a ~80 day game over and my previous manual save was 7 in-game days prior and a ton of fights.

Thanks and let me know if you’d like a copy of the save – happy to send.