Reply To: The ending text for winning an endgame crisis is a downer

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I realise that maybe the ending text isn’t a ‘remnant’, and the game really is still meant to be as short as 2 endgame crises… my point is just that the player may prefer to live in denial of the coming end.

As a side note, why can’t you guys make the dang game longer, man! hahaha… No, really! The biggest appeal of the game (in my eyes) isn’t the winning and replaying and winning and replaying. Ney! It’s the experience of building (and rebuilding [and rebuilding]) a mercenary company, the trials and tribulations, the losses and the sacrifices. I want to steep myself in one campaign for a really long time, long enough for it to develop a real stinky flavour; long enough for lots of different things to happen.

I’m not saying that the game should last for 1000 days… I’m saying that everything you’ve created, the world, the mechanics, the locations. It’s enough to warrant a longer campaign! I would pay any number of sheckels for a BB ‘extended mode’ or whatever ;P. Anyway, sorry. This was a bit of a greedy rant, but it’s what I feel most strongly about with BB right now.