Reply To: Inventory bug which appeals also to new game

Avatar photostarplatinum

I’m having this EXACT problem on my switch version. I’m pretty sure it’s related to the latest app update since it was working fine prior to that. The inventory is a complete mess and while it still works for me, it requires me to click and drag items that I’ve sold just to get it to disappear from my inventory. What’s crazier is I noticed when I started a new game, some of the exact items from the other save file overlayed itself into my inventory. The actual items didn’t exist in my inventory, only the icons when viewing at the markets. Also unrelated but yes sometimes my mission log on the right would expand all the way and cover the entire screen. I’m pretty bothered that I’ve been dealing with this for a few days and it feels like it should be a pervasive issue with switch versions but no one has said anything. This is a very specific problem, does no one else have this issue??