Reply To: Import / Export for Characters

Avatar photoCreaturezoid

Not that I’m really looking for it, but reading the thread did get me thinking at least; what about a system in which you can save your favorite characters, and then they can show up for recruitment but at whatever level you initially recruited that character? Somewhat similar to how you can save characters in XCOM and they will show back up for recruitment in later games looking the same but without their level ups. For instance, you have a militia guy that you recruited at level 2, he’s got an awesome set of talents and traits and has led you through thick and thin for hundreds of days. You’ve grown attached to him, so you decide to save him. Next time you start a game, that character will eventually be found in the recruitment pool in a town somewhere with whatever face and body features he had when you saved him, but his level, stats, traits, and talents will just be the same as when you initially recruited him. If you saved a whole company of guys in a previous game, you could try to go around and find all the characters from the company you had in a past life, so to speak. Again, it’s not a feature that I think is essential, but it would be a cool little addition to see familiar faces in the recruitment pools.