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A game consists of a huge amount of small details that pile up as you play it. It’s like how adding toggable floating damage numbers to the combat wouldn’t seem to make much of a difference on their own, yet they would definitely undermine part of the battle aesthetic. Think of how Dark Souls 2 has a worse way of starting the game than Dark Souls 1 (the getting a character before you can make your character). That might seem like a trivial detail, but things like that add up, especially when it is a detail as influential as how you start the game, because it determines your baseline view of it.

I’ve had a few good plays already, with beggars, vagabonds and the like. It’s nothing you cannot handle, and is be no means destroying the playing experience.
@GOD: That sums it up. Very well said.
Still I support that the devs add two different modes, a campaign mode and a sandbox mode. In campaign mode, everything is random, while in sandbox you can change anything the way you want it, starting members, traits, funds, world map etc.
However you can still change names, visual and everything that has no effect on the gameplay in campaign mode. And maybe there could be some way to reward the player for playing it the random way.

Thanks, it’s good to hear my effort isn’t wasted. :)

I could see a sandbox mode taking a massive amount of effort to implement, though. Kind of difficult to justify that, since campaign mode would still very much be the main game. I’d rather see them implement mod tools that would make implementing something like that doable, while having lots of other uses.