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Woah! *takes deep breath
Let’s see…

Neutral wild beasts, worldmap roaming (territorial/migratory):
-wild dogs
-feral cats

This or something similar. There will be more additions to the beast faction, but I’m not quite sure if it’ll be the standard RPG ensemble (boars, bears and wolves). In the reality these animals are peaceful and people wouldn’t exactly hire mercenaries to hunt them down.
I suspect the additions will be more dangerous beings, like the werewolves.

Wildling faction:
Has little to no armour, bonus HP & AP
-spears (with ranged), rocks,
-allies with wild animals

I suggested this, too, a few days ago:
Yeah, I’d love to see that, one way or another.

Nature golems, summoned by an Animus Druid in wildling faction:

Not the molten one, but stone/earth sure why not? Reminds me of the story of the Jewish golem of Prague. Maybe there could be such a golem as a unique boss for a side-quest.

Mercenary band beastiary:
-horse (mount) combat + non-combat / food upkeep /skittish against non-human enemy/ gives additional AP & skill usable in combat / marginal map travel speed per horse in warband.
-hound (see hunter)
-falcon (see falconer)

Horses are very unlikely to happen, but hounds are already on their way (for the bandits). Falconer? I don’t really see falcons risking their lives in battle. They’d rather fly off, never to return.

*hireable [Squire] (non-combat), assign to one mercenary(has to be somewhat high level, noble); will adopt random skill/s & will eventually become part of the warband after (x) number of battles lvlup
*town service [TownPreist] (bless)increase morale cap a bit, bonus dmg by blessed weapons against evil monsters, bless weapon dmg member corpses killed wont turn into zombie
*hireable [Falconer] (combat + non-combat), AP bonus, ability “avian scout” can scout ahead in world map with falcon(active) cannot see though forest trees, “hunt” rabbit meat (passive).
*hireable [Hunter] (combat + non-combat), bow proficiency, hound discover “live game” in worldmap to battle get food (passive), increase vision radius in world map also uncover ambush (sustained).

There are already characters with the squire background. Also I don’t really see a reason for hireable non-combat squires. It’s a mechanic that doesn’t really add anything to the core gameplay (which is about a mercenary company, not a nobles warband).
No magic on the players side, including blessings from a priest. But there might be magical artifacts with similar effects.
It’s very unlikely that there will be “combat + non-combat characters”. It would not enhance the battle when you have certain special characters who are not primarily made for fighting and need special care.
Also instead of the falconer being a scout, you could hire real scouts instead. For scavenging food, hireable hunters will suffice.


It’s all planned. Fog/mist is already in the game.

Water Travel:
Ferry boat
bridges (bridge troll)

No idea. Ferries wouldn’t really make sense now, because there are enough bridges everywhere. Yes bridges are there already and they’ll come for the tactical map, too.
Swamp as well. Exists on the world map and the tactical map.