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Pretty much how I remember it from Xcoms. That random grunt that simply went over the top and saves everyone :)

This was exactly what we were going for. Im happy that it seems to work :)

And yet XCOM, in it’s recent form, lets you rename and design the look of your troops. They realize how important that is to a large group of people who play these types of games, and that it did not take anything away from those players that don’t care. Seems like a no-brainer, if resources permit.

As for the “we have more important things to work on given our limited time and resources” argument. I certainly get that. Adding something somewhat tangential to the main purpose of the game seems wrong at this stage. But it could increase the broader appeal, which might result in more resources. Get those Mount & Blade people.

If you don’t think people are starting, quitting, and restarting over and over to get the people they want to play, you’re kidding yourself. So it’s already happening. And it would be nice if they(we) didn’t have to get frustrated by how annoying that is to do.

This whole, “but people die a lot in this game” argument makes no sense to me. Yes, that’s true and fine. And I’d like to actually care that they’re dead and not shrug it off because he’s a random farmer whose name I can barely remember. I think customization makes the dangerous atmosphere even more powerful.

The fact that you’re able to change their names suggest that there is already a nod to those who want some personalization, and to feel more connected to their Battle Brothers.

Another option is modding capabilities. Rimworld has a similar design, where your first settlers are randomly generated. But there’s a mod you can get that changes that. Let the community help with the personalization tweaks.