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Todays change, giving items in bags a fatique penalty is a step in the right direction but at the same time making bags and belts completely removing said penalty it does not really solve the problem of using quickhands and bags and belts together to use a range of two handed weapons + onehand and shield at the same time.

While the skill should be an improvement it should not be overpowered. In my opinion it would be ok to further decrease the fatique penalty of items carried in the bags to something between 25 and 40 percent. You are able to carry more but that should not lead to a guy carrying a bilhook, a greatsword and a twohanded axe in the bags while carrying a shield and a one handed weapon in his hands, being able to quickchange them within a combat round, attack with a twohanded weapon of his choice ( whatever does the best effect at the given time) and then change back to onehand and shield before ending the turn and all this without any fatique penalty.

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