Reply To: GUI improvments – more information less clicking more playing

Avatar photoAlesch

I definitely like the idea of being able to take more than one contract at a time. If I’m in Bogenheim, and two people want me to take messages to Eisenwald while a third wants me to escort a caravan there, it seems counter-intuitive that I can only do one of those things.

Your mockups are also pretty neat, although I think that the actual quest stages should be highlighted a bit differently than the distance/cash information. I like the idea of their being displayed in shorthand like that, but the Quest Coin (I’m calling it that, no one can stop me, I am too powerful) should probably be limited to the bullet points that describe what you’re actually doing. It might not be likely to cause confusion, but there is a possibility that it could.

My photoshop prowess is nonexistant, so I won’t have fancy mockups, but I’m picturing something like this:

(Quest Coin) Raze the Cemetery of the Restless
(Quest Coin) Return to Dornheim
(Walking-Guy-Icon) Not Far North-East
(Not-Quest-Coin-Money-Indicator) 650 Crowns

Once the reputation stuff is implemented it might be important to have that information available as well. Just in case the name of the place you’re burning down isn’t enough to indicate whether it’s an orc camp or an orphanage.