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Hmm… Sorry for double Post… Is there a edited function?
One other thing I would love to see is customization for new games. I have something in mind like with the Continuous Game “Endlosspiel” in Anno 1404.
So you could define your own difficulty level at the start, with your own preferences.

Amount of starting funds (all within a reasonable range)
Quality of Background of founding members (one extra option I would like to see: extra damage reduction for founding members 25%, 50% options, to better keep them alive and reduce the amount of save game scumming)
Progress of enemy factions
Extra amount of enemies per encounter
Power of friendly AI
Quality of Items in shops
Chances for loot
And more….

I imagine some of these things might be relatively easy to implement while others could proof difficult.
Some basic things (funds, founding members) could really improve the personal acceptance of the difficulty (I love how hard the game is, my preference though would see a decent starting background with strong enemy ai)

Maybe after bugs and balance there is a focus on UI? :-) The game right now is really enjoyable. I could wait a bit longer for any new content in favor of UI stuff. I’m mostly bothered by the blocking UI while edge scrolling.