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There should be more different weapons and some changes

1) Knife/Scramasax instead of bypassing armour attack should have bleeding attack.
2) Rondel dagger with better damage and with the same traits as dagger.
3) Longsword – double-handed, less damage than two-handed sword (a little more than arming sword) but with murder strike (can stun enemy with pummel attack) and half-sword (can bypass armour or damage armour).
4) Pike – double-handed, same stats like spear but damage a little less than billhook and reach two fields
5) Halberd – like billhook but instead of hooking skill can crush shield
6) Heavy Crossbow – more damage, more range, better vs armour but you need 9 AP to reload
7) Longbow – more damage and range and better vs armour than hunting bow but is less accurate
8) Sling – less damage than shortsword, but can stun enemy
9) Pavise – for archers and crossbowman – for 9 AP you leave it in front of you, it gives the best protection from missiles
10) Archer’s stakes – the same as pavise but you can take it back and it gives tou something like spearwall
11) Poleax – two-handed, damage like billhook, reach one field, nice damage to armour 150%, can crush shields and can trip enemy (easy to hit him in this round)
12) Polehammer – two-handed, damage like billhook, reach one field, 250% damage to armour, can destroy armour and trip enemy
13) Billhook – also should trip enemy
14) Brigandine – I’m not sure is there is this armour
15) Plate armour
16) Full plate armour