Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoSarissofoi

The system before was not bad.
Half cost fatigue for items in bags – none with perk.
4 AP for switching item – none with perk.
It was great for switching empty quiver for full or taking spare weapon when your main break.
It work great.
Of course there was abuse:
-stay in close combat with 1h and shield then switch to zwaihander hit and switch again for defense.
How to fix it?
Make impossible to switch weapon you use in this turn.
The only thing that can be a downside is a archer who shoot a last arrow and want to prepare for melee.
So make it impossible to switch melee weapon used in this turn.
Now the guy who kill enemy who stand near him and prevent him from shooting can’t grab a bow(or crossbow, or javelin) and shoot in the same turn.
No easy way to fix it!? Why gods, why?!