Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

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Battle Flow: I’ve been playing one-character challenges and I think this perk is probably the most important reason why they’re at all viable. I don’t think it’s overpowered in regular play, since having multiple Battle Brothers means the fatigue gets spread out over more people, and Rally the Troops fulfills the same need when you have a company. Might make for an extremely powerful combo with Perfect Focus, though.

The ap cost of 2 per item as the quick hands has now makes the skill useless absolutely. The scenarios in which it could be useful are too rare to take this perk. The simpliest way is to limit it’s use to one per turn for no ap and the secound per turn for 2 ap while all other for 4 ap as without the skill. This way even 2h users will be able to switch freely to a weapon OR shield for free while paying 2ap for the other hand item.

I disagree, it’s still useful to 2-handed-weapon users – it’s just that they can only have the shield up after attacking every other round, as opposed to every round as before the change or with your suggestion. It also enables an archer to draw both a melee weapon and a shield and still attack, use an ability, or move during a single turn.

If you combine it with Bags and Belts, you can carry 4 crossbows (plus a melee weapon) and fire off 4 bolts in 2 rounds. If you don’t have Quick Hands you can still fire 3, but Quick Hands also enables you to switch to and load an unloaded crossbow in a single turn so you can perform the technique again later in the battle, if you happen to have a turn where you don’t have a decent shot. Those crossbows can also be fired in melee range if necessary, unlike bows. Before the change, you could’ve fired all 4 bolts in a single turn.