Reply To: Heavy armour, Close helmet and retreat issues

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About the heavy armors helms and such, please do remember this is a light fantasy game and not everything from real life benefits the gameplay. The fatugue reduction made by the armors and helms is significant and you sure need a high level warrior or a medium one with good traits to use them. You do not need to have heavy armor, it is purely by choise. You can make light armored fast moving sellswords like in the “one man challenge” picture. They are valid and useful, it only depends on your playstyle. Rushing heavy armor is not the best option though, you should keep a balance of fatigue to be able to fight at all. There are a lot of perks that help you with heavy armor in utility tree tier2. And still it is possible with right traits and perks to make a heavy armored relative high fatigue member.

I’m aware of traits and need of increasing every level stamina but I don’t think that in full version other stats will be less important than stamina. I understand that wearing heavier armor you need more stamina but cost in fatigue is to big, I’ve showed solution, that there is no need to increase stamina reduction but you can lower other statistics. It’s more realistic, and this game is not only light fantasy. Now I can’t equip my experienced brother (level 6-7) in heavy armour because he have less than 65 Stamina. Of Course I can resign from shield, helmet and get him light weapon but it’s far from realism.

Currently, wearing anything heavier than Mail requires you take either Brawler or have a very high fatigue merc (Strong, Lumberjack, Hedge Knight, Iron Lungs)

And wearing plate requires you have both.

In reality, it took years of training for a man to be able to fight well in plate, and this is reflected in game.

I don’t think that every medieval knight in full plate armour have 11 level, Iron lungs, proper traits and +4 to Stamina from every level ;)
I agree that heavy armour shoul decrease your stamina but now it’s way to much.