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Having played both XCOM and Tactics Ogre, I can say with confidence that Battle Brothers is medieval XCOM. Theres no class system, no spells. Actually if you’ve never played XCOM, I’d suggest picking up the remake by Firaxis (seeing as the original is, well, old!) – its awesome.

The Hnefatafl recommendation is like saying hey lets make Warhammer 40K into a chess game…. ha, okay well yeah that may have just become a thing. But Battle Brothers isn’t a well established franchise, mini games and online features are way down on the list of priorities at this moment i’d imagine. I personally didn’t buy battle brothers to play an adaptation of a board game. That is not to say it couldn’t work, and wouldn’t be fun. Warhammer 40K Regicide, is actually quite a surprisingly fun game! but thats it’s own separate dedicated game; its a concept. The concept for Battler Brothers is to be a tactical mercenary simulation game with RPG elements and turn based combat.