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The Lucky Laggards had an interesting start. A gravedigger, a bastard, and a disowned noble walked out of a bar roaring drunk and figured that being mercenaries was probably a Hell of a lot of fun. They didn’t take their job seriously, which is probably why half of the four new hires they picked up in town died on their first mission.

Only two of the original members are still around. The poor noble found himself on the wrong end of an orcish spear. The others have since made it a habit of killing orcs whenever possible, but within three months they’ve become a pretty strong, famous band that’s burnt orc camp after orc camp and hunted down enough brigands to actually improve the quality of life within the city of Albadst.

The Laggards used to be a mottley bunch, but they’ve gotten more and more war-trained members as time has gone on. As of now, their numbers include the gravedigger and bastard (the noble never made it), a former raider, a tailor, a juggler, a gambler, a killer on the run, two legendary swordsmen, a retired war veteran, an experienced sellsword, and a wildman that likes hefting a giant orcish axe like it’s a plaything. Several men have died in the employ of the Lucky Laggards (those were the “Luckless” Laggards), and a few have retired peacefully (including a miner whose trouble breathing was keeping him from being useful in prolonged fights).

The company has yet to meet werewolves, but vampires terrify their poor archers.