Reply To: suddenly one of the ai dont end the round

Avatar photoguidon101

Had this issue happen once in about 20+ hrs of play, and I’m not sure if my experience explains the problem a bit. Sorry I don’t have a log file from it (happened yesterday and I just ALT-F4 out of frustration too quickly)

Anyway, here’s how it happened to me:
1) fought a battle with an Undead army (attacked a holding). There was a necromancer, wiederganger, skelly, fallen lords, etc.
2) I noticed the necro kept raising skellys from already dead skellys, so I thought.. hmm… farm xp
3) I then thought, wouldnt it be better if the raised skelly had no weapons? So I picked up weapons from the ground of the dead skelly (it may have been a wiederganger, but looked like a skelly to me, whatever the necro raise)
4) when they raised, they had no weapons
5) Normally, I had enough men around that every newly raised undead would die before their turn, and I kept farming them for a while, maybe 50+ turns
6) But once, one skelly was raised too far for my men to kill before his turn… so, when his turn came, the raised skelly with no weapon LOCKED the ai turn…

So, not sure if this explains the culprit, but maybe offers some clues to help…Sorry no log file…by the way, where are the save files located?