Reply To: Gameflow: How you end up playing?

Avatar photomrbunnyban

So it’s day 56 and I’ve taken out the main orc encampment. Think that’s pretty much the highest challenge in early access right now. At an earlier point my band of 12 took out 35 bandits in one battle. So I restarted to get a feel for the early game again.

Early game, I find caravan quest pretty dicey (I’m almost certain bandits spawn for the quest!). I seem to have better success baiting bandits to nearby castle/watchtowers, then gaining the equipment from the fallen bandits. Most of my costs go into hiring troops and buying tools.

Early-mid game caravan quests become more viable as well as the occasional easy raid, although I find myself running from battles which generate too much loses (sorry caravan!). Main objective is to gain a stockpile of equipment and crowns in preparation for hiring troops with better backgrounds.

Mid-game caravan quests become consistently winnable, and I start switching out members for troops with better backgrounds and try to level up.

Mid-late to late game I find going hunting and raiding more viable.