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Would be cool to be able to make some sort of lower or medium grade armor from these pelts. Think of some kind of werewolfheaddresses like the romans had (ok they used normal wolfs of course ;) )

Something like this. Take a medium helmet add the pelt and let it give a litte resolve bonus in addition to the normal helmetstats to the man wearing it as it reminds him that even beasts like these can be slain.

And think of hardened werewolfleatherarmor nearly equally to padded leather but aswell with this small resolve bonus with the same given explanation.
Would be good to have more variation in armors.
I know this is only content and not core game mechanic so it will have to wait until later. But would be nice if something like this would come up. This would make it more rewarding to fight werewolfs in the early game or atleast it would make for a good story ;) and this is what this game is about.

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