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Avatar photoBinkus

i like the idea of running an undead party replacing your dead party members with undead orcs bandits or controlling enemy undead through sheer will power

kitting out your undead guys would be cool with zero fatigue and no food use, would i have to pay my zombies? ;)

would make for some good earning potential and those moments where you hire beggar Alfred, beggar Alfred accidentally ran to his death in his first fight….. muhahahah ARISE SIR BONES! the leveling mechanics might be nice and easy for undead no stats but just different levels level 10-11 undead hero etc increase their chance of reanimating at higher levels

undead Orcs, raise ghost, call ghoul

some nice mechanics for undead to keep the necromancers in the fight might be a “captain” skill for them a sort of Boost undead over a certain range in the skill tree