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If I correctly translated the faq is the place for companions, the game will be employed by characters who wouldn’t be involved in combat but will give certain bonuses for 12 brothers, right? Will they take one of the 12 slots or to go as an additive? Whether such a character as a blacksmith, for example, which could reduce the consumption of tools and speed fix? The Groom, Ranger – which could increase the speed of the party on the global map? So trivial a doctor, a chef with the same bonuses already on the consumption of food and medicine? Actually here it is important the very mechanics of the impact and its fine tuning under the balance of the game. While the companions you can come up with such …that only the imagination will limit. For example : the old Viking – gives a bonus to all the sheald wall , but increases the consumption of the food ) , or their brewer Krasovic – morality party increased but reduced the defense skill, and attack :)…well, you know what I mean.