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Avatar photoguidon101

I support you writing it up :)

I think such info would be invaluable to new players, especially at this time the game is still so new, not a lot of info/discussions out there yet.
I, for one, had the BB Wiki, Sky’s skill discussions, and assorted game mechanics discussions open in the background all the time, to quick-check/reference while I played the game when I first started out. I still constantly refer to the BB Wiki for the background and traits info, but by now I have some familiarity and formed my own opinions of the skills, backgrounds, and traits, but I find it good to hear another perspective; I usually learn something new from other players to enhance my game or experience. But I am too lazy to write up a comprehensive guide/analysis, so please be our guest! :)

I would only caution that we’re in really early Early Access, so there is so much changing in the game in terms of content and mechanics, for example that some skill analysis discussions have already become somewhat outdated — so just keep that in mind, and maybe organize the info to lend itself to be easy to update.