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Avatar photoguidon101

SO FAR, I see no reason to recruit anyone with high upkeep (KNIGHT, SELLSWORD, SWORDMASTER), because they are simply not worth the upkeep, because they block you from certain missions like: GO there get 310 gold, SEARCH FOR X get 325 gold.

Different playstyle, so I respectfully disagree :)

Early on, I agree, I have to avoid high-costs and try to optimize my expenses, but later on…
At some point in the game, I don’t need to take those low-paying missions; instead I opt for the high-paying Raze Missions, or even just plain raiding without missions. My playstyle is made more effective by the powerful raw combat stats usually offered by those classes. Their performance in combat is worth every penny and then some, especially taking into account BB lifetime/longevity otherwise. If you want to talk about $ over time, I think Raze missions/raiding/looting becomes much more efficient than what you would make doing those “peaceful quests”; not to mention more fun (combat), if that is a factor.

Actually, I was worried that everyone would think those backgrounds are overpowered, and render the rest of the other backgrounds worthless… so I am so glad you have a different opinion and playstyle :)