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Wow! Thank you guidon101 for your imput on this, its greatly appreciated.

Rawbonus = Addition of all hard stats, without boni like +5% chance to hit / head or +15% more or less xp, as they represent some kind of “bonus” level ups at hiring.

To level a DAYTALER to a KNIGHT, you would need approximately 4 lvlups, if both start with the same basic stats.

A DAYTALER lvl 4 = a KNIGHT lvl 1 – raw stats wise, but has as an upkeep of 10 compared to 25 and 4 perks, but has lower potential overall, because he has already spent 4 lvlups to catch up with the KNIGHT raw stats wise.

I see (+-% bonus XP) not as a bonus/malus at all, because its not a relevant stat. If you play perfect, you will reach the lvl cap no matter what.

(+-% hit to head = crit) on the other hand is a hard bonus for crit based positions in your party like “MELEE SUPPORTER (PIKE etc.)” or “RANGED”.

On 1) the wighted value of a stat depends on the position of your unit (mercenary) and is therefore depended on the role you want the unit to be.

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