Reply To: Extra attacks on fleeing / skills

Avatar photoguidon101

Oh, if only you were in the pantheon of the RNGods…

But on topic, the story about the Swordmaster is the kind of epic that I like to see in the game. As you all said, it’s situational, you can’t really pull it off with everyone/build, in any scenario. Not to mention that Swordmaster would need to manage his fatigue if he wants to sustain that position and those tactics against more numbers (unless ofc he is getting the magical Rally Fatigue support nearby) or those more resilient/immune to demoralization.

It’s interesting you point out the randomness factor because it seems people have wildly different experiences of the game as a result of it. In my experience, retreat/disengage is not as predictable or problematic as the OP describes; I miss plenty often, they get away, and vice versa. And dropping the weaker members or picking up fearless to demoralize, somehow the only times I had a mass retreat was against a massive army of ghouls, and once against a massive army of thugs/raiders; and in those situations, it felt like just a rodeo, rounding them up… I wish I could just end the battle when everyone flees, but anyway — that was not fun to chase them down in the forests…

i’m just biased, I admit, so I’m glad they don’t get to move if I hit a fleeing target (I see it as “pinning them down”, similar to the concept of “suppression fire”; can’t really run away easily when engaged with someone with a weapon; have to interrupt/stun/push/disengage away somehow first, which the game already gives us some options to play with)… now maybe if the AI used some tactical skills to allow for their companions to retreat… maybe that would help balance the (maybe) lopsided retreat mechanic.