Reply To: Abuse Or Intended – A discussion about possible exploits.

Avatar photoguidon101

Thanks for the response, Rap. I’m impressed how responsive you guys are, and I admit I feel some of what I report as bugs/issues seem petty, so I hope these are not keeping you from more impact-ful progress in the development. (and also want to sneak in THANKS! for the recent patches)

Having said that, here is my response to those two points:

Interesting, I didn’t know about that one. That’s a tricky thing to solve, though. I guess I could have stun last another turn when the character hit only has 2 or 3 Action Points left?

First, you could say this is not a problem :) But if it is not working as intended, then I suggest: If I understand the mechanic correctly, a Stun is a type of buff/debuff. So, since you have other buffs that work properly through the turns (e.g. Spearwall and Shieldwall) — they last through one full turn into the next turn — I would recommend to borrow the same algorithm or logic, if that works. I think that may be a more consistent fix (the turn-based duration buffs all work consistently and predictably) than to make the stun duration circumstantially dependent on AP left.

The XP gained for slaying resurrected enemies was at 50% before and has since been reduced to 25% in order to remove some incentive for farming this way. Not sure yet if that is a good number.

Ah, thanks for the insight! If I really had no life left, I would recommend 0% XP for resurrected enemies :) But, I think 25% is probably a good balance because you want the players to have some reward for plowing through all those re-animated undead during those lengthy battles, while at the same time keeping the incentive low enough that only the most-low life players (guilty) would be willing to exploit it. Good idea!

This is only my opinion, so others may have vastly superior suggestions.