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This is the double rotation use I talked about earlier:
Strange use of Rotation by the AI
I am not sure why the bandit raider did this, but as it is not my let’s play and I therefore have no access to the saves, I cannot reproduce it at the moment.

Haha, that’s so funny especially with the guy’s comment… “Oh, they swapped with me…and then they swapped back because of… I uh… I don’t have a logical explanation guys, I really don’t…” Wow that’s a fun LP series to watch, thanks for linking it.

I forgot to mention Rotation as a skill, but from my experience, it’s been used rarely by bandits and it sort of like the Orc Bash where they sometimes double-use it, but the 2nd use usually doesn’t make sense for the situation. The 1st use is usually appropriate though that I’ve seen (at least it serves to delay or hinder the player from Focus Firing on the player’s initial target).

The positioning seems to be very difficult for them, especially in forest battles. It has happened a few times already to me, that I had to scout the map after the battle for that one last archer in the forest, who was confident sitting where he was and not participating in the fight at all.
This seems to be a bigger Problems, not only the Archers do that in Forest Battles. I have often Bandits which waits somewhere out of sight during the wohole fight. After I killed all but one bandits i go searching and find a lonely two-hander guy or something sitting there, like he didn’t knew there was a battle going on.

Both good points, and I also noticed both behaviors in forest battles: archers or other units don’t actively participate in the main engagement, and I have to mop them up after the rest of their comrades are wiped. I thought it might be because they Fled during the fight, and I just didn’t see them flee? Unless they were just out of sight and out of the battle the entire time, which is rather non-team-player-y (there must be a word for this?) of them.

If nobody pointed it out by now (took a while to write this all up at work), bushes work just fine to conceal your units. However, if the enemy saw you moving into it, they will remember your unit being there for a while. So not only your battle brother has to be hidden to make this work, but also his movement into that cover. Therefore, they really work best as am-bushes (sorry for the pun). Fall back, retreat some guys into bushes, the rest further. The enemy will come to them, even with his archers.

Ah, thanks for the clarification! That makes a lot of sense. I applaud the AI there, both playing smart yet at the same time showing appropriate weakness. Good balance.