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Avatar photoSlyFox

Hello, everyone!

I joined the Battle Brotherhod quite recently. But here are my suggestions =/

No plot

There’s no plot or objective in a game. I played the hardest difficulty level. At a certain point the game becomes boring. When you can beat everyone on the map and there’s no other ambition for you. You can’t establish your own city/caste/estate or conquer your own kingdom or county.

Turn-based world map

The Fighting system is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The World map is not. Let’s be honest. Your target audience is not those who choose “Whitcher” or “Dota”. You make game for those try-hards who play chess, df, Banner Saga, HoMM and table-top party games. Give them an opportunity to control several different squads of battle brothers, build villages and strongholds. World map as it is can not provide such opportunity.

And Thanks for the Battle Brothers, guys. I really enjoy your Game! =)