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Obtaining characteristics.

Imagine, one battle brother survives through a bloody battle. He’ve seen some shit. Now he is “Cold blooded” “+15 Resolve. Never panics”.
Mechanics: store in hash table all possible characteristics and obtaining events:
characteristic| description | trigger | probability
“Orc slayer” | “+10 whatever in battle against greenskins” | “kill 3 greenskins during one battle” | “30%”
“Sure hand” | “+7 whatever” | “kill 3 whoever during one battle” | “15%”
“blade dancer”| “+4 whatever” | “dodge 12 attacks during one battle” | “15%”
“Cold blooded”| “+15 resolve” | “Be the only survivor” | “15%”

so after battle if a battle brother acuired a trigger criteria, he gets a characteristic according to its probability (can get one per battle maximum, can also get nothing)