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Turn-based world map

The Fighting system is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The World map is not. Let’s be honest. Your target audience is not those who choose “Whitcher” or “Dota”. You make game for those try-hards who play chess, df, Banner Saga, HoMM and table-top party games. Give them an opportunity to control several different squads of battle brothers, build villages and strongholds. World map as it is can not provide such opportunity.

And Thanks for the Battle Brothers, guys. I really enjoy your Game! =)

Not too sure that this is accurate. Firstly it assumes a bit much about their target audience. As a player of games like mount and blade, I love the map system, and the intimacy that’s fostered by the current map and band management system. I think that turning the map into a turn based system and making several different bands of brothers would take away that intimacy and the artistic identity that BB currently has.