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Avatar photohuntersouls

I agree with Unsettler, but as GOD say and well “A fellow demo player, I presume? 😉 The Early Access has a expanded a lot on it already and it’s quite stable already.”
In demo one think is annoying is the retreat, if are close enemy i agree they possibly die, but lot of time i have my soldier far away and die just 2 or 3 soldier have success survive.
Archers fail lot even lvl 3
I dont know if early access permit cancel quest but sometime u pick mission very hard and u wish cancel and cant do :)
I wish give see in future a possibility to have a castle or a HQ.
I just don’t under why don’t use cavalry, because even for mercenary is important, not mention is the transport that time.
It be good if in future think use a ship to go to other lands :)
I still love this game, when can have money im go buy it to see diferences, i like the game design in general, and is quit fun and lot missions are challenger