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Actually for some reason the demo doesn’t work for me or I’m an idiot. I got most of my info from gameplay videos :D

I saw people canceling quests in gameplay videos. And OMG I would love to see an expedition mission to some kind of snake island or something. GREAT IDEA!

Thanks for your response. I have some follow up points:

1. There could be a limit on horses. Like 1 horse per 8 battle brothers. So if max brothers will be 24 then at the end you will have a horse for each of your founding members if they haven’t died off by then. If I’m not mistaken horses were expensive and pretty much only nobles had them or farmers who bred them on their own. Would be nice to get like a bunch of horses for an “escort a noble” mission though or like “get this message to the king ASAP”.

10. Not exactly what I had in mind. I would like to see a Band of Brothers who belong to someone else running around the map as an AI. There were talks of rival bands on the map why not make them real? Not procedurally generated but taken from real save files. Well not taken but more like donated. Wouldn’t want to have a “always have to be online to play” thing going on. It’s not really multiplayer is it? It’s just uploading the current state of your battle brothers. So not even the whole save file that includes all the world map and stuff. I mean I have no idea if that’s a hassle to do but I’ve seen some flash games do it :D can’t be that hard. It would be fun to run into each others Band of Brothers and if it’s possible it would be also fun to switch bands with friends like you said but that was not my initial idea. Just wanted to clarify this one :)