Reply To: Abuse Or Intended – A discussion about possible exploits.

Avatar photoRusBear

With a debuff to melee and defence skill you’d get into weird situations though, like wanting to ping pong the enemy to another merc when you’re trying to make them easier to hit. Or having to chase down the enemies you hit away when you want to exploit their weakened defences. As a result, the enemy being moved away actually becomes a disadvantage, as its the debuff that you want and the movement only makes it harder to make the most of their temporary weakness. I also personally dislike flat debuffs to stats, since they only slightly tweak an exisiting option rather than adding new ways of dealing with an enemy.

In your arguments, there is undoubtedly a grain of truth. I just thought that this debuff, lets say… per 2 rounds after a successful attack with a shield – would be quite appropriate and logical. And its value is easily adjusted in favor of balance.