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Sure: here and here. It just tends to happen slowly so you usually never notice. But when they do wake up and you happen to be carrying them…
I just saw your experience is with the newer one though. I prefer the openxcom version myself, as the new one is just too disjointed design wise. I also can’t stand the mega-shoulder pads and how you can change the appearance of the soldiers. Curse you space marines!

I haven’t gotten to trying to playing M&B, but disappearing bodies would be something that I could see the purpose of (system load), but would just look weird to me. Though the combat there is not separate from the world map, correct? Battle Brothers has a very controlled map where everything that you see actually exists and can be interacted with, so someone or something disappearing is a much bigger deal than on a map with many different soldiers that are less important individually.

As for iron man, it’s more that I’d like the challenge to be fair and not reliant on the main objective only being achievable through luck. This is kind of tricky, since I’m all in favour for not being able to reliably pull of your actions. But it’s the difference between gambling wrong, or not being able to affect the end-result at all. It would be like the stun rod randomly electrocuting the target for no clear reason, rather than just missing or the target resisting it. The game does that really well so far, since there are no unfair mechanics that randomly screw you over. There’s always something that you could have done better. And regarding targeted subdual, I’d like to see difficult and risky mechanics that make it akin to a kidnapping, so something you’d only want to do if it’s really worth it. Easy to botch, high reward (in terms of contracts) when successful. Like taking a rival noble prisoner for a contract, but with a high penalty if you screw up and kill them.

Also, just to clarify, I’m not against taking prisoners becoming possible. It’s just that I’m nitpicking about how it would be executed. ;) It would take quite a bit of effort to do it justice (if you want to involve it in contracts and such), but could be really cool if done right.