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A weapon like that gives the player a new tactical option, without lessening the ones already available.

Thanks for the example, yes it sounds very much like something I would actually try out. Hopefully the devs will eventually add this into the game.

Randomised background stats:
Like you said, as long as these variations are minor, it would work.

Deformed faction:

Now this I’m a bit uncertain of, since depending on the execution it might not gel with the atmosphere you’ve build up so far

That’s my main complaint about this idea, too. It would not really fit into the setting, at least not as a faction. I’d rather have them as monsters that you can find in caves and/or sunken/buried castles. Because as a large faction you would face them rather often and they would loose more of their unique charm every time you fight them.
They could roam long forgotten dungeons instead. When the players enters such a place, thinking “Is it Orcs? Is it the Undead?… Wait… Oh sh*t what is that?!”.
They could be demons summoned by a cultist faction. You know how demons a usually associated with flames and hellfire? Well, these are not, a unique twist.

I never used this trait. Well that says it all, right? ;)

Cultural transition:
That would be a really interesting addition. It’d probably difficult to implement, but once the map gets bigger there will be more room for these transitions. Maybe instead of cultural transition, villages could instead adapt to region they’re in. A village in the swamps to the east would have low houses build of stone and reed, and metal tools are rare. Villages in the mountains are build of stone, too, but are much taller and look stronger. Metal is common here, but food might be in high demand.

Robber knights:
These would be very powerful and strangle trade completely. It sounds a bit overpowered, but I like the idea.
The bandit faction could be split into two subfactions: robber knights and highwaymen.

Highwaymen are only farmers who dearly need the coin to survive the next winter. Poorly armed, like the thugs we’ve got now. Also the highwaymen faction doesn’t expand by amassing riches. Instead the number of highwaymen depends on the prosperity of the towns and villages.
Robber knights on the other side, will expand and increase their territory, just like bandits work right now. Also they’d become significant stronger then highwaymen over the time.

Bog wiedergängers:
Nice one. Not sure if it’s worth the work though, as it would be a rather situational unit. The undead usually start out in the north and don’t come down far enough to reach the swamp.

Nine Lives:
Hm, I agree that this is one perk that has to be redone. Could be very powerful though, for late-game characters with heather shields. My experienced fighters don’t get hit more than once per turn unless overwhelmed.

Wiedergänger diversity:
Well, we already discussed this! ;)
Would be a cool addition if an easy re-skinning is an option.

More pastoral elements:
A lone monastery in the mountains, priests as quest givers and the church in quarrel with the cultists. Makes me think of a “Witchfire!”-Expansion! :D
Aside from the details it adds to the setting, we’d have to think of some actual gameplay elements that involve the church.
“Blessings” like in most fantasy-rpgs is out of questions, because it’s to similar to magic, but maybe they could provide the player with information and lore from their archives?

There’re enough sword imo. Quarterstaff and recurved bow sound nice.

Vampire Lord:/Primal Werewolf:/Ghoul Tyrant:
You’ve probably seen them in Psens art thread. ;)
Yeah, I think they will be added sooner or later.

Internal faction differences:
Well for example the greenskins. Orcs and Goblins are not working together as some may think (only on rare occasions according to the faction text). Same could work for robber knights and highwaymen, or necromancers and vampires.
Well, that would be really complex to create and to balance. I would leave it as it is for and wait for the warring human factions first.

Having 12 men as team member limit is just nice. But it would far better if we can build a camp to station our men, so we can swap members for different missions and tasks.

There will be a max. of 24 brothers you can travel with, but you can only choose up to 12 for a fight. Camping mechanics will be introduced at some point to, but it will be only a temporary, allowing you to heal brothers and repair weapons faster.

When raiding enemy fortress, it would be nice to see them having palisade as outer wall, and higher ground(altitude 3) at 4 corners of the fortress as lookout tower, rather than………. just plain wilderness called Cutthroats Hideout.

This will be added of course. Same for dungeons, villages, orc fortresses, etc.