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Avatar photothenewromance

I’m going to hijack this thread for a moment, since my question is also related to helmets.
Does anyone know if there is a feature planned to turn off the visualisation of helmets ingame?

I mean, don’t get me wrong.
They look awesome and I really like the aspect that they wittle down visibly when they have to endure much damage.
But the beards and hair of the characters is plain awesome, too.
It is a shame that I never see it again after the start, because it is quite a bit risky to go into battle without any headwear.
Therefore, an option to turn the visualisation of the helmets manually off and on would be neat.

And to answer the original post:
Nope. Even after more than sixty ingame hours, I have not seen a helmet with an armour of more than 300.

Either that, or change how “headshots” work, or incentivize going without a helmet more. Right now, going without headgear is probably the worst mistake you can make, and there’s no real trade-off for wearing it. Vision hasn’t been an issue for me so far, and fatigue loss isn’t that bad either. Now, in and of itself the “helmet standard” isn’t a problem, but it really takes away from the great character visualization, and IMHO also hampers unit identification (which is more of an UI issue, which’ll get tackled later on anyway).