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>> 2) How come the great helm has only 300 hit points while the strongest armour has 320?
Gaiz, I don’t understand OP’s second question but I’m a little curious. Is he saying the strongest helm should have same hit points as strongest armor?

>> I’ve never seen the Great Helm. Does anyone have a picture?

Oh, you. (〃・ิ‿・ิ)ゞ

>> Even after more than sixty ingame hours, I have not seen a helmet with an armour of more than 300.
What… you too? Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)

Tsk tsk tsk.
You people……
How dense (´・ー・`)
Gaiz, take a hint already.

Does this explain what Rap was saying?
*Cough* *cough* Seriously, anyone seen the great helm? Also, this helm. I’ve never seen it in any store.

When GOD mentioned about identifying our men, I suddenly imagine about 12 brothers equipping the same equipment…..

Can we have 12 different indicators/pointers (preferably with different colors) above the head of our men? Maybe something like this, ace melee unit has gold sword icon above his head, melee unit with best defensive ability has a blue shield icon, and it’s all your choice. When 30 v 30, you don’t have to look hard to find your brothers among your allied force. Most importantly, you’re now very clear about the position of your men. That’s probably crucial to a good battle plan.

By the way, now I using logo on shield to identify my men more easily. (though all of my men are quite characteristic)