Reply To: Endless Enemies?

Avatar photoJago

W-Well, that’s what the game is about, isn’t it? You are a mercenary band and try to make the world a somewhat safer place. But despite my efforts so far, if I leave village A or B for a day it gets raided again. At the moment these villages can only afford 1-2 militia so even a scout party is impossible for them.

I also noticed that there are no more caravans coming or going, but the road to these towns should be safe.

Seriously? Did you stalk on them and saw a band of Orcs turning into a fortress of Orc, or something like that? I’m just curious.

It supposed to happen, tho personally I never seen it, the enemy seems to flee endlessly, but usually throught other enemy camps so following one group opens all kind of nasty things.

Me neither.