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Nonono I don’t mean a battle with 12 v 14 scale would take an hour. All I want is the time to flow within battle. Please allow me to begin with a quiz.

Question: How long do you think it takes to travel from blue circle to red circle?

Answer: I think it’s about an hour (you can travel forth for 11 times and back for 10 times in a day = 21 times divided by 24 hours).

Sometimes when I engage an enemy unit, I find another enemy unit/base at half the illustrated distance or nearer. I was like, who cares about stuff like other enemy unit or enemy base? An enemy is already in front of me, I have to take care of it first. The enemy is surprisingly strong, so I use careful planning and take extra steps just to make sure I can win. But things are not that easy, those bitc… beaches are strong. Really strong. Two of my men get in a pinch and I was forced to delay my victory and prioritize on saving them first. After a long and gruesome battle, all my men survived to see the victory. When I return to world map, my first thought is…

“Phew~~~~ You guys are still here?”

Then the enemy unit replies.

“Yup, we’re still here. At the exactly same location. Waiting for pizza delivery.”

If the battle begins in a manner where combatants from both sides stand face to face with each other, with zero distance, I agree the fight would end within 1 minute thus time system in battle is not needed. Does enemy block your attacks with their shields several times before you end his life? Or you one hit kill him with the samurai style?

Remember the last time you’re ambushed in the woods, where enemy comes from all directions? Did you take time to locate the enemy, regrouping your scattered brothers, and spend even more time to traverse the difficult terrain(enemy also take more time to reach you)? Not to mention you might spend even more time to protect your archers if you have one.
Regarding rushing in a tactical battle……. Who wants to rush a battle? Me? Why should I rush if all my reinforcement is on the way? I won’t even bother to take the risk to go melee with the enemy. I would simply fire arrows as I draw back slowly, hold out as long as possible. When my friend’s friend’s friend have surrounded you…. We can ask you to perform naked dance with all our swords sheathed.

On the other hand, if you want to take out enemy units in danger zone (area close to enemy’s base or activity). You might not want to use time consuming, defensive tactics or formation to wear out your enemy steadily and slowly for a certain victory. Because you have no idea about the patrol route of their scouts. Instead, you might prefer blitzkrieg, guerilla, ninja style to dispatch enemy units. And this is actually a viable way for a 12 men group to raid a 40 men base. If you’re good enough, the colossal base will be weakened to its last stand after days and nights of “divide and conquer”.

It’s even better if the fatigue cost increases by 1%(round down) for every 2 rounds. Battles doesn’t always end in victory or defeat through annihilation of either force, it can be stalemate (which considers victory to the defending force but also not exactly a defeat to the invasion force) which results the retreat of invasion force (exactly the way you run like hell in battle when you find an enemy fortress too badass to be taken down.)

Since your weapon gets “tired” too, despite they are metal, and you’re just…. flesh and blood. Unless your brother has “Iron Man” perk or “Man of Steel” perk.

Long story short. The time in battle can flow very slow, the time tension can be very small, but I hope the time will not be entirely…… frozen.