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Hey Gotanmarf,

appreciate your input, that topic is very important to our overall gamedesign and we spent quite some time thinking about it and we still are. We will have a worldmap in our game with locations like hills, forests, cities and so on. We have not finally decided on how it will look exactly.

To get a better grip on the topic of what you call “economics” i think we have to split it in two parts: 1. Basebuilding. 2. Resource management

1. Basebuilding:
Initially, our intent was to stay close to the original Xcom but we soon figured out that that would not make for the best possible gameplay. Having a permanent base, like a castle or such, will make the player very stationary. If you have high-tech Skyrangers at your disposal it is way easier to cover great distances than with a horse carriage. Also, I always found the base building to be a very linear part of the game that didnt allow for much customization or variation in your gaming experience. At some point your main base would always house the same facilities and you would mostly build them in the same order and layout.

I dont want to take too much away but we came up with a sort of mobile base that can be tailored to suit your playstyle and support your personal way of taking on the game. We are working on that right now and you can expect a dev blog article on the worldmap soon where we explain all the details, so stay tuned!

2. Resource Management:
As with the basebuilding i can not go into too much detail yet but we will have troop management, equipment looting and management, resource gathering and crafting and a sort of “research” – so you will have all the good stuff in the game ;)

Our ultimate goal is to give the player a lot to do on the worldmap and a lot of decisions and freedom. In the end the gameplay on the worldmap has to be just as much fun as the tactical combat.

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