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Fearsome: This is a good skill, and again don’t make my mistake, it is far more useful if taken by an archer or a 1h char. Simply cuz they attack twice or more. The 2h dudes can release its full potential only at specific times with the area of effect (aoe) attacks. Good as is.


1 captain guy to solve any fatigue issues (monk is good potential background for high resolve) – sundering strikes, fast adaption, colossus, taunt, student, pathfinder, footwork, captain, fearsome (not the best way to spend for 2-hander arguably,) rally the troops.

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Fearsome: Interesting perk for 1-handed weapon users, just too many uninspiring choices required to get to it.


#Fearsome – useful, especially for archers and one hand users


Fearsome – A good perk, it’s very good for orcs with their tough armour but low resolve. Again though this feels like an offense perk.


        S.    E.    R.     I.    O.    U.    S.    L.    Y.    ?

After I started a topic asking for confirmation on this perk, which ended up with no reply, I tried to perform more detailed experiment. I’ve weakened a band of orcs into a group of 2 orcs: 1 orc young and 1 orc warrior. And I’ve never lay my hands on these experiment target in previous mentioned battle. Then I saved the game.

I tried using the same brother (which has 10 unspent perk points) to compare the effect of Fearsome on these two targets. I align ruler with morale bar on monitor to check the morale changes. With or without Fearsome, the effect on morale reduction is EXACTLY THE SAME.

Fearsome’s skill description: Even attacks that only damage armor trigger a morale check for the opponent.
I think there are two ways to interpret this sentence, if you wanna be very precise.
1) the most reasonable interpretation ==> You were not allowed to reduce enemy morale by damaging their armor, but now you can do it
2) the literal viable interpretation ==> Nothing changes except the warhammer’s skill Crush Hammer(it’s a skill that can only do dmg to enemy armor, but not to body) can now reduce enemy morale when you hit enemy body with it

But according to my experiment, you can’t reduce enemy morale by damaging his armor, even with Fearsome.

I was about to report this as bug but I want to make sure I’m not missing anything first. So I google “battle brothers + forum + fearsome” which leads me to this thread. Then I saw everyone praising the godlike perk. You won’t able to imagine my expression.

What have I done wrong? Can someone come and tell me what should I do now?