Reply To: Question/Suggestion regarding Stun and Charge

Avatar photoGOD

I’m not sure I understand. Do you want hitpoints NOT to influence the chance to stun, the chance to be stunned, or both? Also if we tie the chance to CAUSE stun to the weapons, wouldn’t a mere peasant have the same chance to stun as an experienced knight if the carry the same type of mace? That doesn’t seem right.

Basically, I’m not convinced that the stunning needs to be changed (having it be affected by stats). However, if it was changed, I’d want the chance of getting stunned be based on hitpoints rather than fatigue. The stun chance of weapons would remain unaffected, similarly to how weapon damage is unaffected by stats. It’s like how in this system a peasant does the same amount of damage with a greatsword, if he hits, as a knight.