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>> Territory isn’t really a concept in the game, though .
Do you mean it’s not a suitable concept or a concept yet to be implemented? (or it doesn’t fulfill the definition of “concept”?). You know, I’m curious so please don’t mind if I’m being a little annoying talkative.

If you’re talking about what I’ve mentioned about territory, I don’t actually intend to divide the areas into territory or something. All I want is the base to have a special radius, which increases the detection radius of their men as long as they’re within it.

[ It seems even if you fought 100 rounds in a battle, the in-game time would not advance by an hour. Would it be nice if every 3 rounds advance time by an hour? ]
>> Your first post talks about advancing time by an hour for every 3 rounds, not by minutes.

This reminds me of a puzz- quiz.

How did someone come up with the equation of “every 3 rounds advance time by an hour”?

A) ctually it is calculated by super computers. Expert programmers and gamers have tested it gazillion times to make sure it is the optimal equation.
B) ut it’s in the first post, first second sentence! It hasn’t been discussed by anyone else! What if everyone rejects it!? How could someone comes up with such dedicated equation even before discussion has started?
C) ome on, it just doesn’t make sense. Too risky and too illogical. Wait a minute…
D) ear Lor-  GOD, I think I’ve figured out the answer!! Could there be any chance it’s only a less meaningful number for illustration and explanation purpose? ………….well, after some careful contemplation, I still think the answer should be super computers.
E) xactly! You’ve answered correctly. The answer is a.

>> Be they from same faction or different does not matter, they will be drawn into battle.
Well, I prefer unrelated faction not to join the battle. No one does something which has no gain to them. Okay, I will kneel down to all the volunteers over the world later, but not now. However, I do prefer undead to join all kinds of battle. Because they don’t have the intelligence for this sort of gain/loss thing, and all of you gaiz(whether mercs, bandits, orcs) are equally food to them.

>> Wish there were more 3 way battles and still looking to find a 4 way battle tho seems impossible.
More 3 way battles? How do you enter a 3 way battle? Do you mean the co-op battle where militia and you fight against bandits?