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>> A larger scouting radius for bases would be possible, reflecting watchtowers and such.
(…….!!! )
(That’s right, watchtowers.)
Nice~ I’ve never thought about that, though I’ve been looking for such justification. It sounds like it makes a lot of sense too. A small justification would make a big difference for picky gamers like me.

(who says GOD is cruel all the time? I’ve proven you wrong, war orphans)

Hmm…… but on second thought, if we use watchtower as justification….
Well, you see, when a town is being raided you can see it burning with smokes from very very far away (this feature has impressed me a little, realistic and relevant to gameplay). So according to devs logic, wouldn’t a watchtower make us easier to spot the location of an enemy hideout (even if the watchtower is not next or close to the hideout, it’s hinting the location like crazy)?

Also, now I really curious whether a bandits fortress/hideout has a watchtower. Can we summon someone who is good with medieval settings here?

>>He’s talking about fights between different factions (undead and orcs, for example) that you can end up in.
Interesting. I’ve never experienced one. How about you? Do you have any easy way to trigger this? I mean, like wandering along the border(or middle point) between an area with filled with undead and an area with filled with orcs?