Reply To: My Top 10 hopeful questions for the developers.

Avatar photoGOD

Yo. I’m not a developer, but I’m fairly sure that I know the answer to most of these. :)

1 Yup. They’ll implement it once the save-system is stable enough.

2 Possibly. Multi-hex opponents would require tinkering with the engine though, so other stuff is getting done first, if it gets added.

3 Last I checked, the devs had said no. It’s humans versus the rest.

4 War dogs are getting implemented. Not sure about other animals.

5 Event system is planned, which could include duels.

6 No word on an arena.

7 You mean legendary items? You’ll have to find those, rather than them being random drops.

8 Camping system is planned.

9 I think player ambushes are planned, though I’m not a 100% certain.

10 Enemies retreating is planned.