Reply To: My Top 10 hopeful questions for the developers.

Avatar photoZinistar

Thanks for the insight guys. I am glad that most of these items are already being considered.

Of all the things on my list, I think I wanted the occasional Rare Battle Brother the most. Maybe from an event that you “save” them, perhaps on accident, and you have to decide whether it is worth it to you to trust them as it could betray you later. Anything to create a story through RNG. Those are always the best stories.;)

As far as dueling goes, I love the idea of a career duelist. I also love the idea of asking the question, of all my battle brothers which one would I choose to be my champion. Maybe he was once a lowly miller, but now he is a veteran of combat. If things go wrong the following fight could be awful, but if he wins, it could turn an impossible fight into a winnable scenario. What if he wins, but is too wounded to risk him in the rest of the fight? Again any chance that RNG can tell “My Story” is a huge step in the right direction in my book.

On a side note you could even make a new dueler skill path that allows for 1v1 combat bonuses.

This game has so much potential it is ridiculous. I already anticipate buying Battle Brother 2! Thanks again guys!