Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

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@ JavaMaster:
>> I wouldn’t be surprised if Fearsome didn’t work properly for Brothers, the game IS in developement still and I’ve seen uncertain cases of other skills not always working right in some circumstances…. actually, against Orcs as well, now that I think on it.

Sorry for being misleading. Well it actually worked. Because it has low trigger rate so I made a mistake as it never triggered once in my previous experiment. In my latest experiment I found it has about 20% trigger rate (11 proc per 52 hits to armor). I can’t say it is a bad perk, but I won’t say it’s a good perk too.

If you have offensive perks and go for offensive style, it’s not easy to make an enemy flee before you kill it. Even if the enemy has 300 body armor. Unless you purposely equip a low damage weapon for this. So adding 20% chance to reduce enemy morale while damaging their armor won’t impress you or convince you to spend the hard earned perk point on Fearsome. Also, most of its alternatives (tier 2 utility perks) are better than it.

I suspect it’s the same thing even if you’re going for defensive style (about Fearsome not being useful). But I’ve never tried defensive style before….. the effects and abilities for defensive perks are too weak…. are too complicated for my intelligence to make full use of them. I don’t have courage to try any of them after I’ve read the skill description and tested them a little with my brother with 10 unspent perk points.