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Let’s take a look at the relationship between melee skill and melee defense.

Brother A: I know how to attack so I know where you’re going to attack. Try me.
Brother B: ….. man, I don’t like violence at all. Can we hit the arcade center instead?
Brother A: I said do it! You’re only good at guarding so your sissy attack won’t hurt me!

*sound effect of fountain*

Brother A: W-Why aren’t you using your usual move!?
Brother B: Sorry bro. I know where should a person guards, so I decided to attack another place. I’m really sorry! I got hotheaded when you mentioned sissy…

There can be connection between these two stats, depends how you look at it. But it’s likely most players are not going to expect that their melee skill play a part in melee defense too. If the players felt they’re forced to raise both melee and melee defense stat together, they might ask to merge these stats together.

Since empty tiles facilitate a Nimble user to dodge an attack, he must be tiling his body or stretching his torso out of the current tile. Would that trigger ZoC (Zone of Control)?

To be precise, would that trigger ZoC when you’re facing two enemies? One enemy attacks you, while another strike you the moment you leave the current tile partially. An enemy can attack you with ZoC 4 times in a round, he’s definitely fast enough to do that.

O|¯|_ Sheet, I actually like every part of the first post, including the tone. And surround factor has crossed my mind too. How come I end up as bad guy here?