Reply To: Defense Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoGOD

Colossus being a subpar pick compared to other perks goes hand in hand with hitpoints being an inferior stat to level up. As soon as factors that make hitpoints more useful get introduced, Colossus should become more valuable well. Maybe we’ll see that by status-effects getting introduced that have different effects depending on what percentage of health the merc has left. Or maybe something completely different, as long as it differentiates hitpoints from armour in how it acts and why you want to level it, so that they’re not just health-bar 1 and health-bar 2.
The game avoiding hp bloat is something I like and armour should definitely remain the main measuring-stick for how close to death you are, with hitpoints getting hit meaning that you are in big trouble, but hitpoints should be made more relevant as a stat in a way that makes it more unique and useful.